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WordPress COM vs WordPress ORG

Hello Biz Boss! Are you beginner? but wondering what is the different between wordpress com vs wordpress org? If you still confused with what should you choose for your site/blog so you definitely need to read my tips which platform do you need to have without have to say OH NOOO in the end! Ah ok, let say you are doing your blog a year with blogger and it is free version with no self-hosted and you need to change your mind, transfer your all content to get wordpress because there some reason and you have been searching that wordpress is a lot better than blogger ( mostly ).

Now, you are totally confused again! Let me tell you something! before you choose which one is best firstly you need to understand about it. There is the different between wordpress com and wordpress org. This is definitely you need to know before you create your website/blog. You don’t have idea how to start your very first blog. Click here!

What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? WordPress is content management system platform where you can customize all your content or file into it. WordPress is the most popular website engine as you can use as the operating system of your website. Most of people think that wordpress is just one platform to create website but there has two things different since wordpress has specific platform in each software.

So many people know that the easiest CMS platform to control and manage is wordpress. You don’t need to have coding skill and you can create your own blog within just minutes.

wordpress com vs wordpress org

WordPress COM

It is really easy and simple to create a blog in wordpress com. My opinion is you do not need a skill just to create and open your account to wordpress com. If you are a beginner and writing is your hobby but you are not thinking of purchase something to your blog. This platform is work for you. You are allowing to transfer all your data if you change your mind to move to self-hosted too.

  • You can easily look from it’s url from WordPress com that means ” COM ” stand for ” Commercial “.
  • Using free plan of wordpress COM not allow you to use your own custom domain. You will have watermark on your URL such as blog.wordpress.com
  • You are not own your  blog. Everything is belong and manage to wordpress.com so the important thing is it is not allowed to monetize your blog from this platform.
  • Your blog not looking professional. Since you havewatermark on your URL it is not look professional if you are create business with this platform so it is not totally attract audience on this case. It is hard to build a brand if you want to collaborate with them.
  • Time consuming. Why I say this? If you want to monetize your blog you are better not to choose wordpress com.
  • Limited theme and features.
  • It is difficult to manage your blog by using wordpress com.
  • You don’t need server for your blog like I mentioned before everything manage by wordpress. That’s mean no hosting provider need it.

WordPress ORG

WordPress ORG is wordpress software that most people called it often self hosted wordpress. WordPress org is a software based on wordpress com. 

  • WordPress org that means “ORG” stand for “Organizations”.
  • It is not like wordpress COM before you set up and install wordpress ORG. First you need to keep in mind is a hosting for your data. You definitely need to select good hosting provider for your blog server.
  • You are fully manage your own site.
  • Unlimited free plugin and theme based on your needs.
  • If you are going to self-hosted it is greatly perfect choice for monetize your blog.
  • You can set your blog wonderful by what you want your blog to be.
  • It looks professional to see by brands that you are working with.
  • It is more attractive looks to see by your audience.
  • No watermark on your site URL anymore.

How to start with WordPress org?

A lot of people think that wordpress is just a wordpress but an actually wordpress has two different platform which you can choose for you. Most of businesses choosed wordpress org because surely they wanted their website looks great from their audience.

  • Choose your Hosting provider because first you need to have is a server for wordpress org.
  • Register your domain.
  • Install wordpress com or any other platform to customize your blog.
  • Customize your theme for your blog.
  • Install plugin and other features.
  • Create a content or importing and exporting data from your previous non hosted site/blog.
  • Keep up to date by searching new update and information.

How to move from WordPress com to WordPress org?

First Import Your WordPress.com Blog. Now you can upload the XML file to your new wordpress.org blog so that all of your content will immediately appear on your new website. Navigate to “Tools > Import” in your new self-hosted wordpress.org blog, and click the last option “WordPress”. There also plugin to transfer your data from wordpress com to wordpress org.

Are you thinking of Self-Hosted or you are just new and scared to move into serious blogging and change it into your carrier? Now this is your choice! Feel free to contact me and say hi in the comment section below! have a lovely day!




March 20, 2019 at 1:24 am

Mist people are confused about these two. Your article explained really well!)

March 21, 2019 at 7:02 am

I wish I had this resource when I first started my blog- I spent so much time trying to figure this stuff out!

June 7, 2019 at 9:58 am

WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..extra wait .. …

July 18, 2019 at 8:33 pm

Content has long been king, appears all of the black hat’s are getting owned by the white hat profiteers

July 19, 2019 at 6:21 pm

Hi, I just looked at your site and really impressed by it’s design and content. You are doing a great job by providing such information to the audience. Thank you so much.

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