You will never know if you never try! Don't be afraid to try something new ( positive things ) it may be your way to success!
Ayu Widya
CEO Social Online Biz

Dear Biz Bos,

Hello thanks for passing by to my blog! I will be happy if you are say hi to me and let’s be friends! It has been a while remind me that I was just sitting in my tiny office in previous work and stressed out with lots of worksheet that I need to finished before I get home. weeeeww…it was my story on the pass. I have been working almost everyday and forget how taste a holiday feeling.

I have been searching for an ultimate to make money but stay home and without having stress and work on my bed. That’s how dream job looks like! Everyone dream of it! That’s making me to created this online biz blog because of those dreams. I came to this far and has researched a lot of information about it and now I am here to share to you a lot of things.

Let me introduce myself! My name is Ayu I am author of www.socialonlinebiz.com. Nice to know you!

What is Social Online Biz?

Social Online Biz is social media and digital marketing biz. Helping you through information about social media strategies and how to, Technology and tips and trick to make money online with blogging. I will share you my knowledge and what I know to improve you and me together as we are in the same field and support each other in our journey.

Please do not hesitate to say hi to me through email and I will answer your questions less than 24 hours! upss…please keep in mind if I am not reply as I promised that means our time zone is quite different or maybe I am not feeling well. Haha… ( joke ) So last but not least don’t forget to check out my freebies and you will not disappointed.

Thank you for enjoying my content and read my content. Hopefully it is helpful for you.